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On the Move? Don’t Forget to Change Your Address

On the Move? Don’t Forget to Change Your Address

Are you moving soon? Whether you have just purchased a new home, or are coming to the end of your lease, everyone moves home at one time or another. This can be a hectic time, you have to arrange to have furniture moved, to have your utilities changed over and so much packing!

Sometimes all of these big important things can mean that the smaller tasks are ignored or forgotten. Things like changing your address with various services. Quite often you will not even think of needing to change your address with some services until you need them, which can be months after your move date.

We have compiled a list of different places that you may be required to change your address with. Feel free to print this off and use it as a checklist next time you need to move.

  • Banks and building societies
  • Catalogues
  • Centrelink
  • Club memberships
  • Dentists
  • Doctors
  • Electoral Office
  • Electricity company
  • Employers
  • Insurance companies – life, car and house
  • Internet service provider
  • Landlord / Old real estate agent
  • Libraries
  • Local council
  • Magazine/Newspapers subscription
  • Medicare
  • Mobile phone service provider
  • Phone company
  • Schools/child carers
  • Service SA (driver’s license)
  • Solicitors
  • Superannuation fund
  • Taxation Office
  • Valued customer/loyalty memberships


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