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First Impressions – Tips on presenting your home

First Impressions – Tips on presenting your home

So you have decided to rent your property and want to find the best possible tenants to take care of your investment. The way you present your property to prospective tenants is incredibly important for a few reasons.

Firstly, the nicer the property looks, that more appealing it will be to tenants. The more tenants you have who are interested in the property, the more options you will have as a landlord to find the best possible tenant.

Secondly, if people can see that the property is well looked after, it gives them a better of idea of what sort of expectations you have of your tenants.

Some things to consider when presenting your property are:

Address:  It may seem obvious, but have you ever been looking for an address and can’t find the street number? Ensure that tenants can easily find your property when they are out inspecting because if they can’t spot your property quickly, they may just drive on to their next potential home.

Furniture: An empty house can look sparse and cold. A few select pieces of furniture allows potential tenants to imagine how good the property could look and how space can be utilised. Keep in mind that lots of furniture can make the space seem smaller and cluttered, and poor quality or shabby furniture can detract from the positives in a room.

Decoration: Simplicity is key to the objects that you keep around the property. A tasteful vase, or bowl or painting can add something to a room, but remember too much of anything will look cluttered. When you are presenting a property open space and natural light are your best friends. Remove any knickknacks, personal items and anything specifically valuable. Also, it can be valuable to remove anything that is too out of the ordinary, controversial or possibly sensitive.

Cleanliness: Possibly the most obvious point, make sure your property is clean! Tenants are looking at your property as a potential new home, remember what sorts of things you looked for when you found your home. Clean floors, walls, and carpets are important, but also remember the littler things. It may be a bit more work, however a clean oven, clean sinks and basins, clean toilets and showers go a long way to making a property appealing.

Photos: When you are advertising your property, you want to appeal to as many people as possible, to entice them to come and view your property. The photos that you use in your advertisement are a crucial part of this, but there are an amazing amount of rental properties that are being advertised with photos seemingly taken on a phone. Advertising is an invaluable investment for your property.

 Weather: What’s it like outside? Something as simple as putting the air conditioner on or turning a heater on, not only makes people feel comfortable, but also lets people know that these appliances work. If people are too hot or too cold when inspecting the property, when it comes to making a decision, no matter how good the place is, there will always be some negative emotions attached.

Finally, the best thing you can do is make people feel welcome. It’s something so easy to do and even in the end if the home is not suited to their needs, is making someone’s day better really that bad?



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