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Communication & Honesty is Everything

Communication & Honesty is Everything

No matter how hard we try, life sometimes seems intent on throwing a curve ball at us at the worst possible times.

Every tenant faces situations where choices are made as a result of situations outside of their control.

When something goes wrong, or circumstances change, it is tempting to sometimes be a bit sneaky, to keep something hidden or perhaps tell a little white lie. No one will find out right? And no one is hurt?

As a professional property manager, I can assure you we have heard them all before, and we can spot something that doesn’t seem right from a mile away. Trust is everything in a rental relationship. Tenants, land lords and agents need to be able to trust each other. That trust is can be fragile, it is foolish to jeopardise it over something that could easily be dealt with.

  • The Cheque is in the mail

Not as many cheques are used now-a-days, but ‘the bank hasn’t transferred the funds yet’ is the modern day equivalent. If you caught the flu that has kept you homesick, and you know your pay cheque will be cut short, be proactive and contact your landlord or agent as soon as possible. Landlords have expenses to take care of themselves, quite often your rent is their mortgage repayments. If your landlord has advanced notice they can be prepared, and you may find that he or she is willing to give some leeway.

We are not advocating you to pay your rent late, or to make this a regular occurrence, but occasionally things happen. While this is not a guarantee, you can rest assured that you will damage your relationship with your landlord significantly less by showing that you intend to be responsible and account for rent buy explaining any circumstances that will result in a late payment.

  • Secret Pets

An experienced property manager can spot the tell-tale signs of a pet living in your property. If you already have a furry friend that you simply cannot live without, start out by looking for a pet-friendly rental. If you already live in a rental and find that you would like a pet, speak with your landlord or property manager before taking any action. If you have proved to be a responsible occupant throughout your tenancy, your landlord might be much more open to the idea of a pet. Pets that haven’t been approved will put your tenancy at risk and any damage that pets cause is your responsibility, so your bond could be at risk too.

  • Sublets or Hidden Roommates

People come and go in our lives, and sometimes they come and stay for a little longer than expected. If your best friend or partner goes from a part-time guest to a full-time roommate without your landlord’s consent, you can risk breaching your rental agreement and put your bond at risk. It is pretty tough to hide an extra person’s worth of belongings.

If your name is on the lease and you decide you want a roommate, it is often easy to add someone onto the lease, so just first make sure you have consent from your landlord before letting them move their stuff in. Most landlords won’t mind, in fact having an extra person to ensure that expenses are paid is a good thing.

Having someone sublet from you is a little bit more complicated, it is wiser to discuss this your agent, mostly to protect yourself. Make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities in this instance.


Communication is crucial for a positive tenancy. If something happens or circumstances change, discuss is with your agent or landlord. They want you to be happy and comfortable in your property. It is always best to remain honest during your tenancy. A good landlord-relationship can go a long way to preventing sticky situations, and having a good referral when your tenancy ends in indispensable. Every tenant should be aware, that lying is never worth the stress in the short-term, and the price in the long-term.




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