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A Safe & Secure Home

A Safe & Secure Home

A home is a place where we should all be able to feel safe, and to be able to relax in secure comfort. It’s natural to associate things like maintenance and structural integrity when thinking about your tenants’ safety, however it can often go beyond that to include things such as the steps that we have outlined below:

The lease:

A well-written lease agreement will be vital in case you need to evict a problem tenant that conducts either illegal activities, or anything that may make neighbours or other tenants feel unsafe.


It may seem common sense in this current day and age, however doors and windows should always have secure locks. You may also consider installing a peephole on the front door so tenants will have the opportunity to screen for unknown visitors before deciding whether to open the door.


Some states require that locks be changed whenever a new tenant takes over a property and even if it is not a requirement, it’s certainly something worth considering ensuring your tenants feel safe.

Keep in mind that even though previous tenants must return keys when vacating, it does not stop them from keeping any additional keys that may have been duplicated.

Effective Lights:

Good exterior lighting is usually an inexpensive way to deter criminal activity as improved visibility will reduce the ability for criminals to lurk in shadows. A bonus being that it can also serve to keep your tenants from tripping over obstacles at night.

Going hand in hand with this is possible landscaping improvements, i.e. trimming bushes and exterior plants. Improvements such as this will not only reduce potential criminal hiding spots, but also increase your curb appeal to possible future tenants.

Neighbourly Assistance:

By establishing good communication with those neighbouring your rental, it is possible to cultivate a trusting relationship. Such a relationship can ensure you have someone nearby who is able to contact you if there is any suspicious behaviour at the property or within the neighbourhood.

Regular maintenance:

Regular attention to your property’s maintenance can greatly increase your chance of finding potential problems before any small issues turn into big or expensive problems. Even if the property is vacant, conducting regular inspections and relevant maintenance will ensure that the property won’t fall into disrepair.


We all like feeling secure in our own homes and so any measures you can take that will keep both your property, and tenants safe is certainly well-worth considering.

Remember, safe tenants are happy tenants.



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