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How much can you save with Red Rhino's fixed $1850 management fee?

How did we calculate this?

Your current costs per year is calculated using the average property management service fees in SA as follows: Management Fee: Percentage of weekly rent x 52 weeks. Letting Fee: 2.2 x weekly rent. Inspection costs of $25 per inspection x 4 per year. Admin Costs: $10 x 12 months.

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You have worked hard to build an investment portfolio, looking after it shouldn’t be hard as well.

We believe that a good property manager should work harder so that you get more. They should help you to relax more! To smile more! And to get more out of your investments.

Relax More

Knowing that your property manager is taking care of your asset for you. We believe that regular, clear and concise communication between you and your property manager is crucial. You should not have to chase your manager to find out what is happening with your property, Red Rhino want you to be as involved as you like, and will make sure that you always understand what is going on.

Smile More

Knowing that Red Rhino Property Management are always improving their systems and looking to innovate to make the property management process as streamlined and efficient as possible, while remaining user friendly. In today’s technological world, systems are improving everyday. At Red Rhino, we understand that the more efficient our programs and systems are, the more time we can spend taking care of you and your assets.

Earn More

We understand that it takes the same amount of work to manage a small apartment as it does a million dollar property. So why would we charge one landlord more than another? Red Rhino charge an all-inclusive, flat yearly fee to manage your property, and for that fee we will manage your property completely. No extra charges to find and qualify tenants or to hold inspections. As your rental return increases, our fee will remain the same, we believe that the only person who should be benefitting from the value of their property increasing is the owner.